Recovery At Airports

Recovery at airports

Recovery At Your Amazing is VR Operational Management and committed to your success. Airport Executives and Airside Personnel are embracing VR Operational Management. Recovery At Your Amazing Airport is Transformation, Virtual Reality, Drone Operations and a Professional Safety Management System oversight.

We celebrate your success

Aviation and Airport Operations has come to a standstill. Airplanes are parked, taking up space on runways and taxiways that before was used for landing, takeoff, and taxiing. Every airport is an aviation ghost town. Every airplane is a liability to safety. A liability to safety is a hazard where the parked airplanes become a higher risk to aviation than when they were flying. Recovery At Airports has become the single task for successful airport operations. We are prepared to help Your Amazing Airport and Celebrate Your Success.

A Safety Management System is not the magic wand to eliminate changes or hazards. However, it is the greatest tool for recovery in aviation. This is the time for airports and airlines executives to embrace their losses and move forward with their digital recovery. The path to success in recovery is to take on the KWINK challenge, Knowing What I Now Know. It is known that success was achieve in the past and it’s known that this success failed tremendously. When conducting a risk assessment for moving forward while knowing the outcome of the past, the path that lead to success in the past must be changed. The purpose of a risk assessment is not just to momentarily avoid hazards and reduce risks, but also to design a Project Solution Leadership Motivation plan to action when success fails.