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An SMS is a formal means for operators to demonstrate their management capability to meet their obligation to operate at the highest level of safety in the public interest.

While both oversight systems and are highly complementary and interactive, they are both separate and essential components of the regulatory safety management strategy. In other words, SMS is a parallel system and supporting system to the operations.

When defining SMS as a system that is a parallel system to operations and a tool of a wheel with spokes, SMS becomes manageable and practical in the application of safety.

As a parallel system and a wheel of with spokes, the operator may choose to strengthen the wheel by applying more powers to one or the other spokes, or align the spokes differently.

SMS is not an overarching operational umbrella system. SMS is a system that is receiving data from operational practices and applying this data to each one of the spokes in the wheel to strengthen the wheel and operational confidence level of the Safety Management System.


Recovery stands for improvements. The Safety Management System is continuous improvements. Recovery At Airports is moving forward by balancing safety in operations while staying on track.


The Quality Assurance Program at Your Amazing Airport was elevated to a superior level within the Safety Management System by your Confidential Advisor to the Airport Oversight Team.

I am your Confidential Advisor and integrated within your airport oversight team. The Daily Rundown System is oversight and your Quality Control as the prerequisite for required Triennial Airport Audit.

Joining airports under one Quality Assurance Program Umbrella makes Your Amazing Airport stronger.