Your Amazing Airport


In Canada, there are currently 296 land aerodromes, 250 heliports, and four water aerodromes certified under CAR 302. These include Canada’s largest international airports as well as smaller, regional operations.

Your Opportunity
This is your only opportunity to make the Safety Management System better for Your Amazing Airport.

My objective is for your SMS to be suitable to Your Amazing Airport.

My goal is for the SMS at Your Amazing Airport to maintain regulatory compliance and  compliance with Airport Standards and Recommended Practices.

Airport Oversight Team
There are no requirements for an Accountable Executive to obtain or hold a license or certificate to operate an airport. As a Confidential Advisor to the Airport Oversight Team, the SMS CLOUD becomes a Library integrated with the Airport Oversight Team and where documents and records are incorporated by reference into the Airport Operations Manual.

Effective Airport SMS
When making the SMS applicable to the Airport Certificate itself the SMS will become a successful safety program. In addition, an SMS which is applied to the airport certificate will automatic scale itself to size and complexity since the airport certificate is already scaled to size and complexity.


Recovery At Your Amazing is VR Operational Management and committed to your success. Airport Executives and Airside Personnel are embracing VR Operational Management. Recovery At Your Amazing Airport is Transformation, Virtual Reality, Drone Operations and a Professional Safety Management System oversight.


The Quality Assurance Program at Your Amazing Airport was elevated to a superior level within the Safety Management System by your Confidential Advisor to the Airport Oversight Team.

I am your Confidential Advisor and integrated within your airport oversight team. The Daily Rundown System is oversight and your Quality Control as the prerequisite for required Triennial Airport Audit.

Joining airports under one Quality Assurance Program Umbrella makes Your Amazing Airport stronger.